What are DLL files? Most people only know about these files when they get an error message from windows saying that a particular DLL file is missing. Ideally, a DLL is known as a dynamic link library. As the name suggests, a DLL file contains a set of codes used to execute certain commands. Apps reach out or call these DLL files whenever they need that activity to be performed. Multiple apps can call them at a given time.windows computer

DLL Downloads

It is possible to download a DLL file when you realize that one is missing. However, you should see to it that you download them at https://dlldownloads.com. If you do not download them from a reputable source, you run the risk of downloading outdated DLL files, which might not work. Most sites do not have the incentive to ensure downloads are up-to-date.

While downloading a missing DLL file is the way to fix the error message, these files can be possibly be infected with viruses. In light of this fact, if you cannot get them from a reliable source, make sure you get them from the vendor. Infected DLL files subject you to the risk of giving it deeper access than a regular file. Make sure you have an antivirus installed on your computer to save yourself from the risk.

Solving a DLL Problem

ddl error meassage

It is highly likely that your computer might be missing a single DLL error. However, receiving the message could also mean that other DLLs could have been deleted or corrupted. You get a DLL error on a particular file because it could be the first one that it encountered, which means that you might be notified about the rest.

How can you fix a DLL error? The best way to get a stable and updated DLL is to get it from where it came from. In most cases, you can get it from the following sources:

  • Windows installation media
  • The app that came with the DLL file
  • Microsoft.Net Framework
  • Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages

It is highly unlikely that these sources might fail you. But if they do not work, you might consider downloading them from a reputable app vendor or a download site.