blended whiskey

Different Types of Whiskey You Should Know

Whiskey is originally from Ireland and Scotland. Its name refers to the phrase “water of life” from Scottish and Irish Gaelic. It is a drink with 40% to 60% alcohol and is made through a distillation process. It is obtained through fermented cereals such as corn, wheat, malt, barley, or rye. There are various brands of Whiskey with some slight differences. You can get a Whisky subscription at any club to understand and sample multiple types.

What Are the Types of Whiskey?

The production of Whiskeywhiskey drink is the same for all types of Whiskey, although the process has some variations due to the different varieties it presents. This liquor is classified according to its origin, purity, and production. Choose a Whiskey type that suits your needs. There are the following types of Whiskey according to the source:


Scotch Whiskey is very popular around the world because it is made exclusively in Scotland. Its distillation process is carried out in oak barrels for more than three years to obtain a unique and natural flavor.

Irish Whiskey

It is one of the best in the world and is produced in Ireland under the name of Whiskey. Irish whiskeys are made with barley and triple distilled to make the taste smooth.

Canadian Whiskey

Like Irish Whiskey, it is listed as Whiskey because of the influence of the Irish. It is produced from a mixture of three types of cereals: wheat, corn, and barley, which guarantees a smooth flavor after fermentation.

American Whiskey

Its production is carried out with corn during just two years of fermentation. The most recognized in the world is Jack Daniel’s and has additional ingredients, such as various spices.

Are There Differences Between the Types of Whiskey?

One of the main differences between the types of Whiskey is its composition or ingredients. Each country inspired by Ireland and Scotland decided to establish variations in taste, processing, and manufacturing. All the differences vary depending on the ingredients in the Whiskey:

  • Grain whiskey: is the Whiskey made with corn, wheat, barley, or any other grain type. It is fermented for a minimum of 3 to 4 years in the traditional method.
  • Malt whiskey: it is made with malted barley with a minimum fermentation of 3 years.
  • Blended Whiskey: it has a particular combination between grain and malt. It provides a characteristic and original flavor, making it the most consumed Whiskey on the market.
  • Unmixed Whiskey: it comes from a single grain or a combination of single grains. Unblended Whiskey is the traditional Irish and Scottish staple that inspired other types of Whiskey.
  • Combined Whiskey: it is made with different grain and malt types with a unique distillation and fermentation process.

The types of Whiskey with their variations and differences show a unique flavor adapted to the occasion. They can be consumed with ice, without ice, alone or combined with other drinks to prepare cocktails.