Indonesia is such a beautiful country. It is located in Southeast Asia, right above Australia. It is an archipelago that is made up of thousands of islands. The islands in Indonesia are breathtakingly beautiful. The beauty of the natural scenery is indisputable. Plus, the rich history of Indonesia’s past is very interesting and what is left behind is a spectacle to be seen. Indonesia is a country rich in culture. Practically each and every area has their own culture, tradition, and legacies. If you are planning on visiting an exotic country this holiday for a vacation, then go to Indonesia. For you budget travelers, no need to worry because traveling to Indonesia is quite affordable. Here are some destinations you need to go when you visit Indonesia:


BaliBali is probably the most famous destination in Bali. That is no surprise because Bali is such a beautiful destination. It has amazing beaches, marvelous paddy fields, breathtaking waterfalls, and such beautiful nature. Other than that, Bali is rich in culture. You can find and watch traditional Balinese performances, you can see traditional temples, and on some days, you can still catch them doing their rituals and celebrations. Bali is also an amazing place for surfers. You can catch some serious waves in Bali. The party scene in Bali is very lively. However, if you want to relax, you can do that, too. Bali is a place for everyone.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is located in the east of Indonesia, which is in the territory of the island of Papua. Raja Ampat is undeniably breathtakingly beautiful. Its natural beauty surpasses horizons. Raja Ampat is a great place to unwind and relax. It also is home to amazing sea life. So if you are interested, you can marvel its underwater beauty by going snorkeling or diving.


BorobudurYogyakarta is the hub of culture in Java. You can find artists and performers of all kings in Yogyakarta. It is very rich in culture and history. Yogyakarta is home to what used to be one of the seven wonders of the world, which is the Borobudur temple. It also hosts several different notable temples. Yogyakarta also has a historical palace of the sultans that you can visit, since it used to be a kingdom. Other than that, the food in Yogyakarta is not a thing to be missed. Not only that it is delicious, but it is also very cheap. Yogyakarta has it all; the culture, the history, and the cuisine.